Jorge Mendez

Published on May 09, 2019

Farm Crew Manager

Jorge, also known as “George”, manages Gaia's Farm Crew. His roots go back to the start of the farm in 1997 and he’s essential to the successful operation of Gaia Herbs. Jorge assigns farm tasks to the crew to ensure an efficient herb harvest. He also provides grandfatherly advice and support to the crew in times of need. His favorite crops are the Gingko and Hawthorn trees because they remind him of some of his favorite people, like his father, whom he feels could have benefited from the medicine of the trees. He feels good about the products we provide here in hopes that they will help many people. Jorge made the United States his home in 1981, making seasonal farming rounds between North Carolina (vegetables), New York (Christmas decorations) and Florida (oranges) before settling down here in Brevard, N.C. full time. He says, “It feels like home here” where he lives with his wife, Martha, who was born just down the road from the farm. In his free time he likes to take his two grandchildren to the park, on walks in the nearby National Forest. His friendly smile and dedication to Gaia are really appreciated.