5 Amazing Adaptogenic Herbs for Adrenal Fatigue

Published on July 23, 2018

Whether it's a stressful day at work, a challenging interaction with a loved one, or just the go-go-go cadence of life, we all experience moments that demand a lot of our mental, emotional, and physical energy. When this happens, our adrenal glands take a hard hit and we can feel generally off.

Multitaskers in the body, the adrenal glands influence the body's stress response, immune health, sleep patterns, and mood. The small but powerful adrenal glands produce hormones that naturally assist in maintaining functions ranging from blood pressure and cardiovascular activity to blood sugar levels and metabolism. Because the adrenal glands are absolutely vital to well-being, we like to refer to them as the unsung heroes of the endocrine system.

When the adrenal glands are fatigued, you'll feel physically fatigued with low energy levels, a weakened immune system, and an inability to adapt to stress. Optimizing adrenal gland function is essential to combating stress and living a more balanced life. Adaptogenic herbs help by supporting the adrenal glands and promoting stress relief and equilibrium of mind, body, and spirit.*

What are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens are herbs and mushrooms that help balance and restore the body. Some adaptogens act to stimulate the body and enhance mental performance, while others help calm the body and soothe the adrenals. Adaptogens can also support the body's natural circadian rhythm (also known as your internal body clock) and help promote more restful sleep.* And they can easily fit into your daily routine. You can blend adaptogens into your morning smoothie, use them to make a energy-boosting caffeine-free snack, or even drink them in a nourishing nighttime tea.

The Best Adaptogenic Herbs for Adrenal Fatigue

In this adaptogenic herbs list, we've included five herbs that provide daily support, help promote stress relief, and restore balance.


Ashwagandha herb

Known for its grounding and restorative properties, Ashwagandha supports the nervous and endocrine systems and promotes a natural sleep cycle.* As a nourishing tonic, Ashwagandha can help the body adapt to stressful conditions. Adaptogenic herbs such as Ashwagandha help nourish and restore optimal health by supporting normal mood, energy levels, and overall immune function to help you stay centered and thrive in your busy life.

Rhodiola rosea

As an adrenal adaptogen, Siberian Rhodiola rosea supports the functioning of the adrenal glands and encourages a healthy response to stress.* If used regularly, Rhodiola rosea can support the body's natural resistance. Rhodiola rosea is a great adaptogenic herb for adrenal fatigue.

Holy Basil

Gaia Herbs Holy Basil herb

Holy Basil, also known as Tulsi or the incomparable one, translates to balance, which is symbolic of its most common modern use. Holy Basil helps you respond to stress in a healthy way, while nourishing the mind and elevating the spirit.* As an adaptogenic herb, Holy Basil also supports adrenal health and a state of equilibrium in the body.*


Eleuthero is used to increase mental alertness and performance, enhance concentration, reduce stress and fatigue, and enhance overall immunity.* In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Eleuthero root is used to invigorate qi (chi or energy), strengthen and nourish the body, and to balance vital energy.


Gaia Herbs Schisandra berry

Regarded as a harmonizing tonic and a popular adaptogenic herb, Schisandra berries contain a blend of five distinct flavor properties,  which correspond to the five phases or Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Sour (Wood), Bitter (Fire), Sweet (Earth), Acrid (Metal) and Salty (Water). Since these five flavors work synergistically to promote overall health and vitality, Schisandra is sometimes called the ultimate superberry. Schisandra berries can enhance the body's natural resistance and adaptation to stressful influences, support mental endurance, and promote overall metabolic efficiency.*

Overcoming Adrenal Fatigue 

woman doing yoga in field at Gaia Herbs farm

Improving adrenal health can help you live a more balanced life. In addition to herbal supplements, there are other ways you can help support your body, including adopting a healing mindset, practicing yoga, eating a healthy, balanced diet, getting enough sleep, and taking time for yourself each day.

And remember, even small changes can lead to a big improvement in how you feel.

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