5 Things to Consider Before Making Your Next Hemp Purchase

Published on November 22, 2019

If you've visited a store lately, it would be hard not to notice all of the Hemp products on the shelves. From Hemp extracts, Hemp honey, Hemp-infused pet food and more, the Hemp plant is truly having its moment.

Curious why Hemp is suddenly in the spotlight? With the passing of the Agriculture Improvement Act in 2018 (aka The Farm Bill), all parts of the Hemp plant were removed from the Controlled Substances Act in the United States. This change in legal status is what drove this mass influx of new Hemp products.

With so many choices, you're probably wondering what factors are important to consider and what questions you should ask to ensure that you're choosing a high-quality Hemp product. To assist, we have put together a few helpful tips.

5 Things To Consider Before Your Next Hemp Purchase

Know Where Your Hemp Is Grown

Hemp fields at East Fork Cultivars

Because of the previous federal laws governing Hemp cultivation, there is a limited quantity of Hemp grown commercially in the United States (although this is rapidly changing). As a result, many Hemp products in the market are made with foreign-grown Hemp.

We choose to use only American grown Hemp in our products because this allows our scientists even greater oversight while also supporting U.S. farmers. This is important as many farmers have unfortunately seen a reduction in their incomes as demand has decreased for other crops and sales have declined. 1

Discover What Parts of the Plant Are Being Used

Hemp Flower macro at East Fork Cultivars

When shopping for a Hemp product, we recommend that you verify the part of the Hemp plant that is being used. Hemp products are typically made from the aerial (above-ground) parts of the plant, which includes the flower, seeds, stalk, and leaves. While all of these parts contain the same array of phytochemicals, the Hemp flower contains the highest concentration of cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are molecules within the Hemp plant that interact with endocannabinoid receptors found throughout the body. 2 That’s why we use only extracts from the Hemp flower in our Hemp products.

Determine if the Product Contains an Isolate or Full Spectrum Extract

The cannabinoid spectrum range contained within the final product is what determines whether the product is labeled "full spectrum" or an "isolate."

An isolate is produced by singularly extracting one compound from its natural environment and isolating it from all other compounds. There are over a hundred cannabinoids naturally produced by the Hemp plant.

If a Hemp product is labeled as "full spectrum" it means that it contains all 100+ of the cannabinoids naturally found in the Hemp plant. These complex compounds work together to produce beneficial results in a multitude of ways that no single isolated compound can replicate.*

Our philosophy has been to always use full spectrum extracts representing the whole plant as Nature intended, which is what you will find in all of our Hemp products.

Do Your Research

The Hemp plant is known for its ability to pull up metals from the soil. That's why it’s important that products contain Hemp grown in soil that’s toxin-free, and that the Hemp is tested in every stage from growing to extraction to production.

To find this information on Gaia Herbs Hemp products, you can utilize our Meet Your Herbs® traceability platform. Simply enter the ID number located on the back of your Hemp product or any other Gaia Herbs product to discover the source, how it was grown, harvested and extracted, and the tests it underwent to validate its purity, integrity, and potency.

We are one of the few companies in the world to provide this level of transparency.

Look for More Than Just a Quality Product

Gaia uses only USA Grown Hemp Flower

Simply selling a high-quality product is no longer enough— we believe it's important for companies to go beyond this commitment. We are proud to be a Certified B Corporation® using Business as a Force for Good™. Our mission to nurture healthy connections with Nature extends beyond our herbs through the Gaia Herbs Roots Initiative, which champions environmental sustainability on our farm, in our community, and around the world.

Through the Roots Initiative program, 5 percent of profits from Hemp product sales will go toward programs empowering small, diversified farmers in the USA.


1 Mitch McConnell pushed for hemp legalization. Now Kentucky farmers are tripling down on the crop. CNBC.

2 2017 Glossary of Cannabinoid Terms. Child Neurology Foundation.