5 Ways to Support a Healthy Stress Response During the Holidays*

Published on November 24, 2015

Every year it seems the holiday decorations come out a little earlier, and so do the invitations, obligations-and normal stress that accompanies them.* The holidays are a time to be with loved ones, to celebrate and share. While the added activity will inevitably bring with it day-to-day stress, there are some ways to help support a healthy response to it.*

Embrace, don't fight, Daylight Saving Time

While it's not a holiday, the shifting of the clocks in the middle of fall does certainly impact the start of the season. The shorter days and darkness that comes earlier is not a welcome change for many of us, but understanding that it is a part of life can help us get through it with little upheaval in our daily lives. (We'll talk more about resiliency later.) Get yourself on a regular bedtime routine, and make rest a priority.* Adequate sleep helps support our adrenal glands as well as our immune system, both of which you'll naturally rely on during this busy time.* And look on the bright side: Our internal clocks like that it is light outside earlier in the day. Get up with the sun to naturally support a healthy mood and perhaps even feel more productive.*

Support those adrenals

Adrenal chart

The adrenal glands, as we recently shared with you, are in charge of the body's natural stress response.* When the adrenals are nourished and functioning normally, the body can respond to daily stress in a healthy way, even this time of year.* In addition to healthy habits like getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly, we can support the adrenals with a group of herbs called adaptogens.* These herbs allow you to adapt to all that life brings your way.* One of the most popular adaptogenic herbs is Holy Basil, or Tulsi. We think of this herb as stillness in action, for its ability to keep you in the eye of the hurricane. It's one of the five adaptogens in our Adrenal Health Daily Support formulation, too. (Read more about it here.)

Build natural resiliency

Resilience is our natural ability to adapt in the face of normal stress and adversity. Being resilient means that you are able to bounce back naturally and not let little things bother you as much. Keeping things in perspective (like when the cat breaks an ornament on your tree), taking care of yourself (so you can take care of your holiday house guests) and accepting that change is part of life (when your daughter goes to her in-laws instead of coming home) are ways we can begin to build resilience.

Slow down-and say no

Every year, we hear the same refrain: The holidays are getting to be too much, and we need to scale back. Make this year the year you really do. Turn down invitations that interfere with your ability to maintain balance. Consider a smaller holiday celebration if hosting the entire extended family feels like too much. Choose quality over quantity when it comes to people, presents and presence.

Enjoy golden milk while reading

Keep up your self-care

If you are the person "in charge," you need to take charge of your own health and well-being. When the frenzy of the holidays hit, take time for you-schedule it into your day so it doesn't get overlooked. Take a hot bath with relaxing herbs.* Sip a mug of Golden Milk or hot herbal tea while reading a good book.* And by all means, avoid missing your workouts or mind-body time. These will help support your healthy immune and stress responses. 'Tis the season to be healthy and happy. We hope that these tips bring some holiday cheer into your life.

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