Essential Herbs for Men for the New Year

Published on January 06, 2019

The new year is a time to create positive routines and make your health a priority. An easy way to accomplish your New Year's resolutions is to commit to doing something good for yourself every single day. Incorporating herbs into your life can be one of the simplest (and healthiest) ways to create better habits. Whether you already have an established self-care routine or you're brand new to herbal supplements, you can kickstart the year and your wellness journey with this list of herbal essentials for men.*

The Best Herbal Supplements for Men

Adrenal Health ® Daily Support

To combat stress and live a more balanced life, it's essential to optimize adrenal gland function.* Gaia Herbs Adrenal Health® Daily Support is our best-selling formula to sustain energy and vitality.* It contains a synergistic blend of five Adaptogens, including Holy Basil, Ashwagandha, Rhodiola Rosea, Schisandra and Oats all herbs that support the adrenals and help balance the body during times of stress.* This is a popular formula for those feeling overwhelmed and rundown who want help restoring balance and maintaining well-being.* Adults take two capsules two times daily after meals.


Gaia Herbs Maca Root

Regarded as a prized aphrodisiac for centuries, Maca is a caffeine-free, plant-based superfood that supports men's healthy energy and stamina.* Because Maca can help you maintain peak performance at home, work and play, it is popular among athletes, weekend warriors and men who are sexually active.* In clinical studies, Maca has been shown to support men's reproductive health, including healthy sexual libido and function, and normal prostate and sperm function throughout many stages of life.* 

Gaia Herbs Maca Root capsules contain Organic Maca, which is ethically harvested by our trusted partners, high in the Peruvian Andes. After harvest, the Maca is gelatinized for optimal digestibility and absorption.*  Learn more about this plant-based superfood.

Male Libido

Loss in sex drive can happen. To support healthy blood flow, stamina, and sexual performance, try Gaia Herbs Male Libido. With Maca, Tribulus, Horny Goat Weed, and Saw Palmetto, this formula nourishes the male body and optimizes men's health and vitality.* Adults take one capsule three times daily between meals. Learn more about how a man's healthy libido supports overall wellness.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto has been used for over 150 years in North America as a complete genital and urinary tonic for men.* Gaia Herbs Saw Palmetto is made with pure Saw Palmetto berries to help maintain healthy prostate function.* Adults take one capsule two times daily between meals.

Prostate Health

Prostate health is necessary for men's overall well-being and quality of life. Gaia Herbs Prostate Health formula provides antioxidant protection.* This formula is made with a unique blend of botanically derived ingredients, including Pomegranate, White Sage, Green Tea, Nettle, and Saw Palmetto.* Adults take two capsules in the morning and one capsule in the evening.


Gaia Herbs Hawthorn Berry

Hawthorn extracts have been well researched for supporting many different aspects of heart function and cardiovascular system health.* Made with Gaia-grown Hawthorn berry, leaf and flower, Hawthorn Supreme helps maintain a healthy and happy heart.* Adults take one capsule two times daily between meals.

Turmeric Supreme Extra Strength

Turmeric is Gaia Herbs #1 best-selling herb. Turmeric reigns supreme for good reason: for thousands of years Turmeric has been valued in Ayurveda, the traditional medicine system of India. Today, science has identified compounds in Turmeric which support healthy inflammatory function.* Curcumins, the active components in Turmeric, help reduce occasional inflammation due to normal daily wear and tear.* Turmeric is the go-to supplement in most people's medicine cabinets to help them maintain a healthy, active life.*

At Gaia Herbs, we have multiple products containing Organic Turmeric, including: Turmeric Supreme PainTurmericBoost® Uplift, and Golden MilkView our full list of Turmeric products.


Gaia Herbs Ashwagandha

A revered Adaptogenic Ayurvedic herb, Ashwagandha has traditionally been used for stress management, sleep, cortisol balance, nervous system health and more.* Getting back into your fitness routine? Ashwagandha promotes healthy levels of creatinine kinase, which reduces the natural muscle damage that happens from exercise and promotes muscle recovery.* Ashwagandha has also been shown to help the body cope with stress in a healthy way.* Learn more about this amazing herb. Explore our site for a complete list of supplements that contain Ashwagandha.

Stay Healthy Throughout the Year

Regardless of what month it is, you can choose to focus on your health and well-being. Herbs can help, but so can meditatinggetting enough rest and finding moments of mindfulness. Remember that self-care isn't selfish and it is important to make time for yourself.