Fall Equinox: What We Can Learn From Nature as the Seasons Change

Published on September 22, 2018

As the leaves begin to exhibit bold colors and daylight hours lessen, nature undergoes many changes. When we reflect upon these natural cycles, we can find ourselves more in harmony with them. At Gaia Herbs, our farm teaches us how to embrace the fall season as our farmers harvest the fields for final crops, save seeds for next year, and prepare the land to rest through the winter. What else can we learn from nature this time of year?

Embracing the Darkness

sunset through branches of tree at Gaia Herbs farm

On September 22, we celebrate the fall equinox, when the hours of darkness and of light are virtually equal in length. As the sun sets earlier, and rises later, this balance of dark and light offers us an opportunity to become quiet and rest.

For some, the diminishing daylight can present seasonal mood challenges. Our bodies adapt to the increased darkness, but our emotional outlook may need a boost to help us deal with these changes. If you experience an emotional slump during the change of seasons, you may want to look for a natural solution to give you a boost. Gaia Herbs Emotional Balance™ provides daily support for emotional and mental well-being, combining herbs that have been traditionally used to help the body cope with changes, nourish the nervous system, calm the mind, and support an uplifted mood.* It is intended for daily use to help you adapt to the season's darkness and let the light in!

Letting Go

leaves on ground under tree at Gaia herbs farm

Trees shed what they no longer need as they drop their leaves in preparation for shorter days. Just like Mother Nature, we may have emotions or unhealthy habits that we need to release in order to feel better and move forward.

Traditionally revered as the symbol of love, the Hawthorn tree is known to produce a nourishing tonic for the heart. This tree's leaves and berries are believed to offer support for grief or sadness, which helps us release emotions that are not life-sustaining. Rich in heart-protecting antioxidants, Hawthorn is also shown to exert many beneficial effects on cardiovascular function.* Gaia Herbs' Hawthorn Supreme (in both Phyto-Caps and liquid) offers support for heart health, which provides an optimal foundation for quality of life and longevity for all seasons.*

Renewing our Energy

In the fall, plants stash energy in their roots, bulbs, and seeds to build reserves in preparation for next year's growth. We must remember that we also require preservation of our own energy stores to weather the seasons of life. However, it can be challenging as our daily routines can deplete us of vital energy. In order to have sustainable energy, our bodies must be able to adapt to daily stress. With this in mind, Gaia Herbs created Energy Vitality, formulated to promote energy and stamina and to support keeping energy stores full throughout the year.* With Ginseng, Schisandra, Ginkgo, and Green Tea, this harmonious blend of herbs supports a life of vitality so we can navigate darker days with fortitude.*

Enjoying the Moment

Ginkgo in hand at Gaia herbs farm

Many plants stop making food starting in the fall, taking a well-deserved break to get ready for spring growth. Productivity slows down, rest becomes the priority, and renewal is the goal. Prioritizing time to slow down is essential to maintain well-being, but moments of pause are hard to come by in our busy lives. One way to achieve this is by choosing a "golden hour" each day when you consciously decide to slow down and reflect, even if it is just for a few minutes. Preparing a cup of warm, nourishing Golden Milk and taking a break is a wonderful way to embrace the change of seasons. Our Golden Milk contains organic Turmeric, a bright yellow spice used for thousands of years to support healthy digestion, promote cardiovascular health, and support the immune system.* Also in this delicious blend, we have included Ashwagandha which has been respected for centuries for its ability to support well-being for both the mind and body.*

Learning from Nature

We can all learn so much from the intelligence of plants, and allow them to inform us of our own natural rhythms. We, at Gaia Herbs, wish you many opportunities for joyful reflection and peace this time of year, and wellness throughout the seasons.