Finding Stillness: Tuning into the Way of Nature

Published on January 03, 2018

In a season when our lives are speeding up, the natural world is slowing down. Snow is beginning to blanket the ground, and plants are going through biochemical changes to prepare them for the cold months ahead. Nature is pausing many of its usual processes, acclimating to the changing temperature and sunlight and preparing for a season of rest and renewal. This stillness enables new growth to occur in the spring and for dynamism to take place and bring forth new life. Stillness and dynamism these two opposing forces of nature harmonized together become the building blocks of all life and wellness in nature and within ourselves.

Nature is life's perfect administrator, and we have an opportunity to structure our life to resemble nature and give way to new changes each season. I invite you to observe nature's cycles, to become mindful to the natural cycles occurring, and develop rituals to help slow down and savor the moments that matter most in life. Observation, ritual, and mindfulness are essential elements for a wellness practice, and we are fortunate to be able to utilize nature's guiding force on this journey.

holding golden milk on lap with dog at feet in front of fireplace

From all of us at Gaia, we hope that Golden Milk can be a catalyst on your wellness journey. Potent and beautiful herbs are combined to create a sensory experience when you observe the rich scent, golden hues, and deliciously sweet and spicy flavor. These vibrant herbs, harvested and prepared with heartfelt consciousness, are at the same time working to restore your inner health and vitality. As you slow down to note these elements of Golden Milk, you are grounding yourself in a moment of mindfulness. This winter season, let Golden Milk become a savored ritual imbued with mindfulness, gratitude, and observation.

Mindfulness is a medicine for all seasons - whether observing a floral bud or flower; whether a seed or root - in every stage of development, nature is inviting us to utilize its apothecary. It is up to us to accept this invitation.