Gaia Ambassadors: Embracing the Gaia Herbs Lifestyle

Published on September 11, 2019

At Gaia Herbs, we have several Guiding Truths that encompass our overall philosophy as a company. Our Truths hold us steadfast to our core values, as the leading herbal supplement brand in the nation, and pave the way for positive change and betterment amongst us.

When we were seeking Gaia Ambassadors, it was essential to find people that embodied these Guiding Truths and shared our brand values. It was also important to find people who inspired us with their commitment to living a healthy lifestyle and their passion for adventure and protecting the planet. That’s how we came to find Caroline Gleich, Jim Harris, and Anna Levesque. Learn more about our ambassadors' impressive backgrounds and discover their favorite Gaia Herbs products.

Caroline Gleich: Renowned Ski Mountaineer & Environmental Activist


Gaia Herbs Ambassador Caroline Gleich at Mt Everest

Based in Park City, Utah, Caroline is a professional ski mountaineer and adventurer. She also enjoys trail running, alpine climbing, and biking. She’s been featured in ski films like Chasing Shadows and Like There’s No Tomorrow, as well as on the covers of popular ski magazines Powder and Backcountry. Aside from being an outdoor inspiration, Caroline is also an advocate for social and environmental justice. She has worked with non-profits such as Protect Our Winters, HEAL Utah, Winter Wildlands Alliance, Wilderness Society, Tree Utah, and Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation. Caroline recently finished her trek to the summit of Mount Everest, and along with all of her gear, took Gaia Herbs Full Spectrum Hemp Extract with her. “Tearing my ACL right a few weeks before leaving to climb Everest was one of the most stressful moments of my life. I tried to pretend I was cool, but inside, I was freaking out," Caroline said. "The cannabinoids in hemp are believed to help with mood, sleep, and anxiousness.* I started taking the new Gaia Herbs Full Spectrum Hemp Extract as I began rehabbing my knee and I personally find it helpful in dealing with the stress of both life and sport. These may not be the typical results shared by everyone but I’ve had a wonderful experience using hemp extract."

Photo: Rob Lea

Jim Harris: An Inspirational Adventurer & Artist


Gaia herbs Ambassador Jim Harris skiing

A renowned ski photographer and writer, Jim is also an artist and adventurer with a truly inspirational story. While snowkiting in Patagonia, Jim fractured nine vertebrae and was temporarily paralyzed from the sternum down. His future was uncertain, but after medical care and spine fusion, Jim slowly regained movement and learned to adapt to his new physical capabilities. Pushing the limits of his disability, Jim has been able to enjoy mountain biking, skiing, hiking, and surfing once again. He is also now creating beautiful artwork that features many of the landscapes that he has enjoyed over the years. Jim includes several Gaia Herbs products in his daily routine and one of his current favorites is Bacopa. According to Jim, "My productivity is the result of time spent with attention focused on a task. The more attention I bring, the more productive I feel. Bacopa supports my ability to maintain focus so I'm both more productive and I enjoy my work more.*"

Anna Levesque: Author, SUP Yoga & Paddling Extraordinaire 


Gaia Herbs Ambassador Anna Levesque

Anna, author of Yoga for Paddling, resides in Western North Carolina where Gaia Herbs also calls home. Anna is a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) and yoga instructor, as well as an Ayurvedic wellness coach. She’s been named one of the "50 Most Inspirational Paddlers Alive" by Canoe and Kayak Magazine, and voted "Most Inspirational Outdoors Person in the Blue Ridge" by Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine. Through her program, Mind Body Paddle, Anna inspires and empowers women on and off a SUP. She practices an Ayurvedic lifestyle and incorporates yoga and meditation into her daily wellness regime along with Gaia Herbs products. "According to Ayurveda, a consistent bedtime routine is a pillar of health and wellness. During autumn, it's especially important to stick to routines as an opposite action to the season's variability," Anna said. "Staying up too late can send you into a spiral of low energy, poor mood, and even weight gain. I use Gaia Herbs Sleep & Relax Tea as part of my bedtime routine in supporting me in getting a solid 8 hours of restful sleep. It's delicious and relaxing.*"