Open Your Eyes: 3 Next Steps to Help the Earth, Every Day

Published on April 21, 2016

This commitment to the Earth is something each of us at Gaia is keenly aware of, 365 days a year, and we know many of you are as well. We honor Earth Day as a way to celebrate and encourage others to share our respect for people, plants and the planet. Honoring the Earth can happen every day, in ways large and small. Each one of us is a part of Nature, and we can impact it individually as well.

This year, let Earth Day be a chance to open your eyes. We're sharing three ways that we can each take the next step to help the Earth, every day.

Choose organic

Shrink your carbon footprint, reduce your exposure to toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers and protect the pollinators by selecting organic food when possible. Will you commit to adding organic items to your shopping cart?

Think twice

Buying recycled, sustainable and eco-friendly products is a great way to help the planet. But before you buy, reflect on whether you need another "thing." Will you buy secondhand, repair existing items or simply live without?

Shop local

Supporting businesses in our own backyard lets us build a sense of community, cut down on the distance goods have to travel and sometimes even lets you shop on your own two feet! Will you support a "green" business in your town?

Our "Open Your Eyes" Moments

That first step can be the hardest, no matter the destination. So we asked some of our team members to share their own stories of awakening and inspiration. Read how some Gaia employees changed their lives to help the Earth.

Brian, digital marketing manager
"After moving to a major U.S. city in 2013, I made a decision to reduce my carbon footprint by changing my daily transportation habits. For over two years I walked or biked to work nearly every day, choosing to drive my car only when necessary. Not only did this positively affect the environment - it contributed to reduced stress, improving my health and well-being."
Susan, product information specialist
"In 2003, I toured the Gaia Farm. I stood in the fluorescent pink Echinacea field, completely awed by the world of herbs and the feeling of connection to nature.  I realized that herbs can help connect people back to nature and something greater than themselves, and that this was real healing! I earned my master's degree, becoming an herbalist and nutritionist."

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