Seeking Connection: Our Responsibility to Cultivate Peace

Published on October 11, 2017

We live in a global society that is created of unique individuals, with all of us possessing an infinite amount of creativity, love, and potential to do good in this world. We have the ability to shape our future into one that is inclusive, and honors our connection to each other and to the plants that have dutifully grown by our side throughout human history. We are all part of one body seeking harmony, and remembering this instinctual connection to the earth and all its habitants is an important first step to cultivate peace in this world.

We are operating at a time in history that is deeply challenging in numerous ways, and these social and ecological crises require us, now more than ever, to act as responsible global citizens. The positive news: we are resilient. We are intelligent. And at the core of who we are, we seek connection - it is a basic human need. It is time to rekindle and awaken that connection.

Each one of us - as individuals - have a responsibility to open our eyes to the potential of the shared sacred humanity that connects us all - regardless of race, religion, or gender. Our precious time here on Earth is short, and our energy is needed to create healing, reconciliation, and peace. We cannot afford to waste energy dividing and fracturing society. There is far too much work to be done. We must look within ourselves and ask: what will I do with the gift of today? What powers do I possess that can encourage more love, understanding, and unity?

There is amazing, impactful work that is being done and it is showing the power that one person can have to inspire long term change. It is the responsibility of each of us to continue to shape a new global world vision grounded in love: where communities revere the innate connections that we all share with each other, and where learning and growth can be experienced through nature's healing gifts. The healing that we must do - the healing of ourselves, of our communities, and of nature, requires us to be awake and aware. It requires us to be bold, and to stand up for all that is right and good in this world.

We have witnessed that nature can help us heal, in many different ways, if given the opportunity to do so. It can help us become more conscious, and enliven our own true nature and internal beauty to shine through. Nature expresses this beauty that we all have within us in vividly powerful ways: the kaleidoscope of sunrise and sunset, the symphonies of songbirds, and the infinite dance of flowing waters. Let us awaken to this beauty around us and within us, and to the potential that we all hold. What are you waiting for?