The Full Story on Full Spectrum

Published on October 29, 2019

As Turmeric and Hemp products fill store shelves and new products seem to be available every day, we are frequently asked what sets Gaia's products apart from the rest. While there are many items we could mention, including our 350-acre organic farm, regenerative agriculture efforts, focus on protecting the planet, our B Corp Certification, and more. One of the main differences you will see between Gaia Herbs and other companies is our commitment to working with Nature by producing full spectrum herbal products.

What "Full Spectrum" Means and Why It's Important

Since our beginning over thirty years ago, our philosophy has been to use full spectrum extracts representing the whole plant as Nature intended versus other companies that choose to use single, chemically isolated compounds in their products.*

Plants contain hundreds of different compounds for a reason. These complex compounds work together to achieve results that no single compound can realize. “Our full spectrum processing allows us to guarantee certain levels of constituents while simultaneously capturing all of the other naturally occurring compounds in the plant” said Jeremy Stewart, Gaia Herbs Vice President of Scientific Affairs.* “Extracting one active constituent or concentrating a single phytochemical is like trying to write a symphony using only one note.”

When we created products such as our Turmeric Supreme line and our Hemp liquid extracts, we honored our full spectrum philosophy. Our Turmeric Supreme Extra Strength formula utilizes multiple forms of Turmeric root extracts to fully express the whole plant profile. Turmeric’s full spectrum of phytochemicals are represented, meaning the plant can offer beneficial support in a multitude of ways.* 

Another example of our full spectrum approach is our Hemp extracts. There are over a hundred cannabinoids naturally produced by the Hemp plant. However, some companies choose to produce Hemp products containing just one isolated cannabinoid. Instead, Gaia Herbs uses a full spectrum extract made from Hemp flowers, the part of the plant that contains the highest concentration of cannabinoids.* Full spectrum means that Gaia's Hemp extracts contain all of the beneficial cannabinoids from the plant, representing the natural benefits of the plant in its entirety.*

Gaia Herbs Hemp in the fields

Simply Synergistic

Synergy occurs when two or more compounds are combined to produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual parts. In simpler terms, it refers to the interactions between an individual plant’s multiple compounds or an herbs’ ability to offer even greater benefits when paired with another herb.* It is this synergy that enhances the plant’s overall benefits to humans.*

For example, our Turmeric Supreme line is paired with Black Pepper. We did this in reference to Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest forms of traditional healing, and also to aid in absorption.* It is this combination of the Turmeric with the Black Pepper that allows people to experience its full benefits, which is to help reduce occasional inflammation due to normal daily wear and tear.*

In our full spectrum Hemp extract’s case, it is the synergy from all of the  cannabinoids naturally found in the Hemp plant working together.* You will often hear this phenomenon referred to as the “Entourage Effect,” and that is the effect at work in Gaia Herbs Full Spectrum Hemp Extract.

Full Spectrum and Full Traceability

On top of our full spectrum approach, Gaia Herbs offers full traceability through our industry leading Meet Your Herbs® platform. This platform provides full transparency and tests for the absence of microbes, yeast, mold and other pathogens; the predetermined levels of certain biomarkers, such as curcumins or cannabinoids; and DNA-validated confirmation of genus and species. People can easily access this information by entering the ID number located on the back of their Turmeric supplement or Hemp extract (or any other Gaia Herbs product) on the website. 

Products as Nature Intended

Since the very beginning, Gaia Herbs has always prioritized working with Nature and never against it. Our full spectrum products stand out from the rest because they deliver the whole plant as Nature intended. We have seen Nature support people for thousands of years, and we continuously work to be a bridge for that relationship by Connecting Plants and People with our full spectrum herbal products that nurture health and well-being.