Why Turmeric is Truly Terrific

Published on May 10, 2019

For thousands of years, Turmeric has been valued all across the world. Versatile and easy to use, Turmeric adds a golden-hued color and a pleasantly warm taste to food. Beyond its culinary uses, Turmeric has long been recognized for its ability to support the body in a variety of ways.* Turmeric has been a staple in Chinese and Indian folk medicine for centuries, and in recent years it has moved beyond the kitchen in the West, too.

Modern science has identified active components in Turmeric called Curcumins, which provide antioxidant support.* Curcumins can help support healthy inflammatory function and maintain overall health and vitality.* Studies show that when Turmeric and Black Pepper are combined, the bioavailability of the curcumins can also increase.*

Why Do We Love Turmeric So Much? Here Are 8 Reasons

Enjoy Breaking a Sweat?

Brightened Up Mango Turmeric Smoothie

The antioxidant action in Turmeric can help support the body after a workout.* Sip on this Brightened Up Mango Turmeric Smoothie with TurmericBoost® Uplift, and add a scoop of your favorite protein powder. The pineapple in this tasty drink contains an enzyme called bromelain that is believed to help support the muscles after exercise.* Bromelain, like Curcumins, helps reduce occasional inflammation due to normal daily wear and tear.*

Looking for Extra Heart Support?

Gaia Herbs Turmeric Supreme Heart combines Turmeric with other herbal extracts including ColeusGingerHawthorn, and Reservatrol from Japanese Knotweed—all herbs traditionally known to help maintain cardiovascular health.* Black Pepper extract is included for increased absorption and bioavailability of Curcumins.* This is a great formula to support overall heart health so you can keep enjoying an active lifestyle.*

Do Your Joints Need a Little TLC?*

Turmeric helps sustain healthy joint function as it has been found to support a healthy inflammatory response in healthy individuals.* Gaia Herbs Turmeric Supreme Joint combines Turmeric with other herbal extracts, including Devil’s ClawBoswellia, and Ginger root. This synergistic blend supports joint health to help you walk, run, hike, and maintain an energetic style of living.* Learn other ways to support joint health.

Want to Give Your Liver Some Love?

Turmeric is to herbs what the liver is to the body: a workhorse that is also a great multi-tasker. Proper liver function is essential to overall health as your liver helps remove waste products, processes various nutrients, and aids in the absorption of vitamins. Gaia Herbs Liver Health is made with Turmeric, Milk ThistleChinese SkullcapSchisandra, and Licorice Root to provide daily support for a healthy liver.* This is a great formula to help you stay feeling well for the long-term.*

Experience Occasional Pain in Your Body?

Turmeric Supreme Pain for occasional pain in your body

Turmeric is revered for its ability to reduce occasional inflammation due to normal wear and tear in times when you overdo it.* Gaia Herbs Turmeric Supreme Pain combines Turmeric with other herbal extracts to support a healthy pain response.* This formula also includes Feverfew, Devil’s Claw, and Ginger, which have each been studied for their role in supporting the body’s reaction to occasional pain.*

Need Support for Immune Health?

Gaia Herbs Turmeric Supreme Immune A.S.A.P. combines Turmeric with other herbal extracts, including AndrographisBlack ElderberryEchinacea, Ginger, and Vervain—traditional herbs for supporting overall well-being when you need it most.* This is a great formula to support your immune defenses so you can stay feeling your best.*

Seasonal Sinus Issues Affecting Your Quality of Life?

Gaia Herbs Turmeric Supreme Allergy combines Turmeric with other herbal extracts to help you stay feeling well during seasonal transitions.* Black Pepper extract is included for increased absorption and bioavailability of Curcumins.* This formula also includes Feverfew and Nettle leaf—herbs traditionally used for sinus support.*

Looking for New Ideas to Add Turmeric to Your Routine?

Gaia Herbs offers Turmeric based powders, including TurmericBoost® Restore and TurmericBoost® Uplift. These dietary powders provide a simple, tasty way to integrate Turmeric into your diet, and our team has developed some delicious recipes to make it even easier to add these powder blends to your daily wellness routine. Our Pumpkin Chia Pudding makes a tasty snack or breakfast. The Omega-3 fatty acids found in chia seeds and flax seeds are believed to support healthy joint function, plus pumpkin is a good source of potassium.* Our Sunset Raspberry Peach Smoothie is a refreshing and energizing way to cool down on hot days or post-workout. Discover additional TurmericBoost® Restore recipes and TurmericBoost® Uplift recipes.

So Many Reasons to Love Turmeric

Turmeric has long been Gaia Herbs’ #1 best-selling herb and is a perennial all-around favorite of our customers and team members. Turmeric is one of the most versatile herbs used for many different purposes—culinary, scientific, and traditional uses —and we expect the variety of ways to incorporate Turmeric into your wellness routine to only increase as new products containing Turmeric are developed. Just like this herb’s distinctive, brilliant golden yellow color, the future for Turmeric as a health supplement looks bright. For more Gaia Herbs supplements containing Turmeric, view our full list of Turmeric products.